24th - 27th June 2020

Networking artists, curators and art-writers in Cornwall & Devon to
re-vision practice and behaviour in the shadow of the Corona Virus pandemic and in the light of an inclusive and environmentally low-impact future.

Dave Beech
Bridgette Ashton
Cinzia Mutigli & Holly Davey
James Fergusson
Shama Khanna
Ceri Hand

With a performance from Simon Bayliss with Ilker Cinarel & Senara Wilson Hodges

Recognising that Covid-19 was affecting everything we once took for granted, artists Sara Bowler and Sovay Berriman joined with Cultivator Cornwall and CAMP to create an opportunity to share, discuss and make at a social distance, using some of the online platforms that became an everyday norm in 2020. Speakers looked at the potentials and possibilities for maintaining and enriching our practices, acknowledging that a moment had arisen to shift our behaviours and expectations for a better, fairer, future.

Wednesday 24th June
Welcome: Sovay Berriman & Sara Bowler

Presentation #1: Dave Beech: Lockdown changes nothing, lockdown changes everything
Followed by Q&A. 
Recording no longer available

Thursday 25th June

10 - 11:30am      
Workshop #1: Bridgette Ashton: Meanderings & Inventories
Visual artist Bridgette Ashton will discuss ideas around procrastination, chronicling and work-in-progress during a global pandemic. Attendees will build an index of their works through drawing, arranging and rearranging.

During Bridgette’s workshop there will be an indexing + drawing exercise. Bring along 3 pieces of recent work that are important to you (not necessarily a series) Start to think about making drawings/studies/diagrams of the work in a non-judgemental way, without emotion or assumption allowing for possible new interpretations or connections to emerge. Drawings can be in any media, 2, 3 or 4d.

12 - 1:30pm       
SpeedShow #1: Clare Heath, William Luz, Liam Jolly, Patricia Wilson Smith & Tim Ridley will share six-minute presentations of their work, which will be followed by a group Q&A.
Recording no longer available

2:30 - 4pm         
Conversation #1: Cinzia Mutigli & Holly Davey: What Do You Have, What Do You Need & What Can You Share? followed by Q&A.

Cinzia Mutigli & Holly Davey will be talking with Sovay Berriman about the potential of the current moment. Thinking about rebalancing our relationship with power, and the agency that we each have to change things.  

The discussion will ask us to consider the resources we already have and those we need to ask for, and how we can share these to be part of shaping a different future for the art sector.
Recording no longer available

7 - 9:00pm         
CAMP Supper Club

Virtual Supper Club: with Plymouth Platform Artists Adam Coley, Sophie Ingram & Jodie Saunders.

Friday 26th June

8- 9:30am         
Conversation #2: Breakfast catch-up 
General conversation hosted by Sovay Berriman considering topics raised in the first half of Agile Structures. All delegates invited to contribute.
Recording no longer available

Workshop #2: James Fergusson: Guerilla Forestry
Artist James Fergusson will demonstrate some of the techniques used in his projects; saving seed and germination, planting and ecosystem intervention. He will also,  “... attempt to discuss why I think it's important to do these things and how to think about where it might be beneficial to do so.” 
Recording no longer available

12 - 1:30pm       
Speed Show #2: Helen Trevaskis, Katy RichardsonDelpha Hudson, Kitty Hillier & Melanie Stidolph will share six-minute presentations of their work, which will be followed by a group Q&A.  
Recording no longer available

2:30 - 4pm         
Presentation #2: Shama Khanna: Is Instagram Everything? followed by Q&A
Shama Khanna will talk about her long-running curatorial platform Flatness and what it tries to do differently in terms of creating communities around artworks, compared with monopolies like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
Recording nolonger available

8 - 9:00pm       
Simon Bayliss, Ilker Cinarel & Senara Wilson Hodges: Romancing the Stone
Join DJ Simon Bayliss, performance artist Ilker Cinarel, and filmmaker Senara Wilson Hodges at a sacred site in West Cornwall, where they will be reactivating an ancient monument through rave-music and live performance. 

Saturday 27th June

Presentation #3: Ceri Hand BRAVE NEW WORLDS followed by Q&A.
Artists! Thought leaders!
It’s time to reveal the wizard behind the curtain in the land of Oz, and pave a new yellow brick road. 
We need YOU to lay the first stone, to help us reimagine and shape a better world.
Ceri Hand will provide some reflections, critical questions, hacks and tools for us all to tuck under our belt, to plan and embark on a new creative journey.
By the end of the session you will hopefully be inspired to check your values, realign your creative strategies, take more people on your journey and build a future that we all want to participate in.

12 - 1:30pm       
SpeedShow #3: Melissa Hampson-Smith, Patrick Lowry, Alison Brown, Jacqui Orly, Caroline Pedler & Dean Knight will share six-minute presentations of their work, which will be followed by a group Q&A.
Recording no longer available

2:30 - 4pm         
Conversation #3: Closing discussion and actions with Sara Bowler & Sovay Berriman. All delegates invited to contribute.
Recording no longer available

Agile Structures Symposium 2020 was an artist-led event, organised by Sovay Berriman & Sara Bowler.

Cornish language help provided by An Kylgh Kernewek (The Cornish Language Circle) and The Cornish Language Team at Cornwall Council. Many thanks also to Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek

Delivered in partnership with Cultivator and supported by the European Regional Development Fund, HM Government, Arts Council England and Cornwall Council.

This event was also supported by CAMP (Contemporary Art Membership Plymouth) a member-led network for the creative and visual arts community in Devon and Cornwall, including artists, producers, curators and arts writers. Join CAMP and get more information at

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