References provided by contributors to Agile Structures projects will be added here. They are listed under project headers in reverse chronological order. 

Agile Structures symposium 2020

Saturday 27th June

Presentation #3: Ceri Hand
Information on MAKE

SpeedShow #3: Melissa Hampson-Smith, Patrick Lowry, Alison Brown, Jacqui Orly, Caroline Pedler & Dean Knight   
Melissa Hampson-Smith
Patrick Lowry
Alison Brown
Jacqui Orly
Caroline Pedler
Dean Knight
Conversation #3: Closing discussion

Friday 26th June

Conversation #2: Breakfast catch-up
We covered self-care, how we each can affect change, peer-led art education, studios, paid work that supports art practice, class, gatekeeping, and more.
Art Monthly podcasts - scroll down the page -
Information and download of A Room of One’s Own - Virgina Woolf

Voices That Shake! brings together young people, activists, educators and artists to challenge social and climate injustice, with a focus on addressing racial inequality.

Workshop #2: James Fergusson: Guerilla Forestry
The One Straw Revolution, 1975 by Masanobu Fukuoka
Cornish Centre a home for Cornish Archives
How to grow more vegetables, John Jeavons
Permaculture 1 + 2, Bill Mollison
The New Organic Grower, Eliot Coleman
Wildwood, Roger Deakin
Complexity, M. Mitchell Waldorp
The Peregrine, J A Baker
Moss Gardening, George Schenk      
Speed Show #2:Helen Trevaskis, Katy Richardson, Delpha Hudson, Kitty Hillier & Melanie Stidolph
Helen Trevaskis
Katy Richardson
Delpha Hudson
Kitty Hillier
Melanie Stidolph

Presentation #2: Shama Khanna: Is Instagram Everything?
Zoom alternative
Artists accessibility documents
Artist-led Conditions programme in Croydon

Simon Bayliss, Ilker Cinarel & Senara Wilson Hodges: Romancing the Stone

Thursday 25th June

Workshop #1: Bridgette Ashton: Meanderings & Inventories
SpeedShow #1: Clare Heath, William Luz, Liam Jolly, Patricia Wilson Smith & Tim Ridley
Clare Heath
William Luz
Liam Jolly
Patricia Wilson Smith
Tim Ridley
Conversation #1: Cinzia Mutigli & Holly Davey: What Do You Have, What Do You Need & What Can You Share?‘digital-exclusion’

CAMP Supper Club

Wednesday 24th June

Speak Cornish Week
22nd - 28th June 2020 programme download

Presentation #1: Dave Beech
Dave Beech lockdown lectures
Dave Beech articles
Dave Beech Books Art and Labour (2020)
Art and Postmodernism (2019)
Art and Value (2015)
Beauty (2009)

Additional Links of Interest

The Machine Stops, 1909 by E M Forster

Glass, Meet the Future Film Festival  The films include narratives, documentaries, experimental, and hybrid genres – telling stories about how art is made, how artists survive, how they think and work, and what makes creativity our most important skill. 

The Panic! survey provides the most wide-ranging picture to date of working life across the core sectors of the cultural and creative industries in the UK.

Shape Arts is a disability-led arts organisation which works to improve access to culture for disabled people by providing opportunities for disabled artists, training cultural institutionsto be more open to disabled people, and through running participatory arts and development programmes. 

Verso Books is the largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world, publishing one hundred books a year. 

Intercom Trust is a lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans+ charity working across Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and the wider South West 

Support group welcoming refugee families to Falmouth and Penryn area 

Market Matters: the dynamics of the contemporary art market, 2004 by Louisa Buck based on an Arts Council England research programme, Taste Buds, into the market for contemporary art in the early 2000s. Principles remain the same even though some of the detail and emphasis has changed.

Agile Structures is an artist-led project, organised by Sovay Berriman & Sara Bowler.